Air Conditioner Running All Day

An AC should not tyipcally run all day. But an air conditioner along with all electrical equipment will use an amount of watts or kilowatts continuously. The energy used is measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours, in other words multiply the watts by the hours it is switched on.

An air conditioner will run until its thermostat is satisfied. In a very hot day with a marginally sized air conditioner, it might not have the capacity to satisfy the thermostat. Therefore, it would run all day. Most air conditioners are sized to have adequate cooling without running all day on a design day.

Air conditioners don't last forever. The older a unit gets, the less efficiently it works. If your system runs non-stop and doesn't keep you comfortable anymore, it could just be an old unit that needs replacing. Things to check for: An air conditioner that's over 12 years old; A system that requires frequent repairs

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Our new central air conditioner runs all day and the company that installed it says that it's normal. I find it hard to believe that the AC must run all day, even when the temperature is below 30 degrees celcius!

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